2023 MeetBang Review: We Used it For Months to discover!

Internet dating is supposed to be exciting and fun. You reach meet up with ladies you see appealing, once you understand there’s no less than some amount of common interest. However, this is certainly only genuine if you are using a quality online dating application or site. In the case of this
review though, I can’t declare that’s the instance.

I actually do a lot of these reviews of varied internet dating sites if there is adequate need for it on line. For the most part, we’ll run through exactly the same procedure to allow them to all be assessed similarly and of their merit.

Exactly how we evaluated MeetBang

Generally I’ll sign up for your website as a totally free member and permit circumstances sit for a couple days. I won’t create my personal profile or engage with anyone on the website. Its an excellent possibility to find out if it really is a fake website that will beginning bombarding myself with «interested women» — no genuine lady will content a blank profile, right?

From then on,

I’ll setup my profile and make use of your website like a consistent individual for some time

, watching whether it’s possible to create a romantic date.

Ultimately, we’ll switch over to a compensated account and make use of the website for the next a few few days in order to get a real good sense for how this site really works

and just how easy it is to really meet up with folks off-line.

In this time We’ll get in touch with about 50 ladies on the site observe what kind of response I have. I am trying to protect as many times as I can or, regarding a sketchy website, to find out if the answers think legitimate.

This is actually the best way that you could legitimately observe how helpful a website or software is going to be individually


You should not hear any reviews which are not enrolling in the MADE adaptation!

Now, regarding satisfy Bang, I never ever had gotten the chance to carry out any one of this. Let us take a look at the reason why.

MeetBang — A ‘Dating’ website as Terrible as Its Name

Let’s very first analysis the basics. Within this MeetBang review, you deserve understand about your website and just how it supports to their rivals. For the graphic below, you’ll see that there’s no competition.

In General

Our team rates each web site fairly based on much time of separate study, the characteristics each web site supplies, and how it compares along with other internet sites. The ranks would be the viewpoint of our editors in addition to their substantial experience.

3 9.5


Our very own viewpoint of just how appealing the conventional woman would be that utilizes this web site and how effortless they truly are for connecting with in comparison to other sites.

3 9



How many folks are using this site to truly meet folks when compared to other sites.

2 9


How effortless is this site to make use of and exactly how easily can an average person begin fulfilling men and women when compared to websites.

3 10
Privacy &


Performs this web site get the proper safety measures to guard the people, their unique identity, and their data.

3 10



The opinion of exactly how effortlessly a typical individual should be able to achieve their particular internet dating goals with this particular website in comparison to websites.

1 9


Will committed and cash spent using this web site pay off for an average individual based on the opinions and connection with our editors.

1 10

The Recommendation

Clearly, during our very own report on MeetBang we didn’t find many material. We’re familiar with performing extremely detailed critiques of quality relationship and hookup apps with all the purpose of in fact meeting women. Sometimes within evaluations we come across internet sites along these lines that make that difficult.

When you have a niche site like MeetBang.com that hardly functions as an actual site, and seems primarily establish to steer that other sites, it’s going to be extremely tough to truly meet ladies using it. in line with the comparison above, it is possible to right away tell that using a legitimate hookup software like
Person FriendFinder (with a free demo)
has actually a lot more to supply.

Dating is hard enough without throwing away time on an application that isn’t also going to give you any help.You must be making use of a top-quality web site that contains many people really using it. Guys get the best achievements whenever blending upwards online dating sites with meeting people in their particular daily life.

When you’re thinking of utilizing MeetBang, reconsider that thought. You’re better off with a website like
Adult FriendFinder
in which you actually have chances of speaking with actual females and meeting them.

Positives and negatives

To close out exactly what MeetBang provides opting for it in this review, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of employing the site.

  • You’ll straight away tell that isn’t a website any reasonable individual is using
  • Questionable web site
  • A tremendously crass strategy
  • Redirects to fake cam lady movie chats

Initial impact during all of our Meetbang.com analysis

The site is literally called MeetBang. MeetBang. The first perception wasn’t fantastic before I would even typed it into Chrome.

Nonetheless, these critiques are merely useful basically keep an open mind therefore I soldiered on. Subsequently, I was came across with this:

That mix of upper and lower instance book should really be a crime! Also, you heard that right, I’m able to get a www fuckbuddy for free in less than an hour! Real as that may be, it will not occur on a site labeled as
Satisfy Bang

The kicker is definitely their call to action — «Screw This Evening». Elegant.

Mildly amused, I made a decision to try out the online game. We click that enticing blue option to see if their particular state had been real. Spoiler alert: it was not. Much more about that next.

The MeetBang signup wizard

Once we clicked that big, blue and oh-so-crass activity option I was 90per cent particular this web site was actually bull crap. A moment later this suspicion was affirmed.

It starts with an extremely official caution:

«Before we can explain to you a summary of women that have required sex within the last few couple of hours. . .» Really? Who wrote this? We digress.

The rest of the process is extremely comparable to the thing I watched when I
assessed InstaFuck
lately and that had been in the same way unusual. It takes you through a number of concerns that I suppose tend to be supposed to get you thrilled regarding fuckbuddy. These people were:

  • A number of these women can be desperate solitary moms and wives looking for some fun. They may be your own next-door neighbor or someone you know. Can you accept to keep carefully the identification of these ladies secret?
  • These ladies have expected us to not permit in men pursuing formal times or significant connections. Will you accept this request?
  • Will you say yes to practice secure intercourse when you yourself have intercourse with someone who you meet on the web site?
  • Are you currently at the very least 25 years outdated? Women have actually wanted we perhaps not try to let people under 25 get in touch with all of them as a result of immature conduct by teenagers in earlier times.

I decided I became becoming a member of some type of secret intercourse community ala vision Wide close. Unfortunately though, that wasn’t possible possibly.

At long last, you’re provided several concerns around the intimate preferences. Age, physical stature, particular matchmaking, etc. Note that any kind of time point through this process, the keys you click tend to be unimportant. It is possible to click «No» to any or all in the concerns above additionally the result does not alter.

These poor ladies were simply asking for gender. Perform they deserve no defense against MeetBang?

Presently there’s a phrase we never thought I’d type as a professional creator. . .

The story thickens

This has already been a fantastic journey thus far, little did i understand it absolutely was about to get a great deal more difficult.

When you have picked exactly the style of ladies you want to have sex with minutes from now, you are required an email address. Make no blunder, you will receive some spam from a number of fake internet dating sites virtually straight away.

You click resume, expecting to enter a code but this is Meet Bang. They can be absolutely nothing if not unpredictable.

As an alternative, you’re taken to a repayment page so you can join a compensated subscription. Initially, I was thinking this needs to be a paid-only website. When I sought out a tiny, gray «maybe later» link like the majority of of those web sites have, I observed the URL.

We aren’t in Kansas any longer. This is exactly an InstantHookups web page. What is difficult so is this deception is extremely intentional — the Address actually reveals they are concealing the InstantHookups marketing. They are hoping you think this is simply a necessary part of enrolling in MeetBang.

Entertainment converts to fury on satisfy Bang

That’s where circumstances change from ‘wow, this is so that terrible’ to dropping that bit more religion in humanity. The better we checked this page, the greater number of frustrated I was.

They may be hiding a lot more than just the actual fact they have covertly taken that another website.

They claim in large lettering that «life Memberships tend to be 100% COMPLIMENTARY» plus the charge card is for age verification. In the event that you see the small print on the right though, they truly are additionally going to sign you right up for all sketchy matchmaking websites.

If you decided to thoughtlessly enter your own credit card details and then click Get 100 % free Access, you would certainly be applying for the immediate following:

  • InstantHookups $49.95 every month
  • HookupCloud
    $39.95 every month
  • Milftastic
    $29.95 each month
  • FULL $119.85 every month

This whole time you’re according to the impact you used to be only offering age confirmation for MeetBang’s complimentary subscription. . .

Angry yet? Probably you haven’t even observed the icing with this tasty cake. The pricing is written in book kind in the stipulations. This is to decrease the chances of you noticing the additional costs. If you notice numbers and buck symptoms you are almost certainly going to take a closer look. As an alternative, whatever you see instantly is a lot of tiny book in lighting grey font.

Since we’re plainly working with the sort of folks that would rip off their particular grandma, you’ll be able to gamble there is substitute for terminate. Perform the globe a favor, never ever also visit all web sites on that listing, they do not deserve the advertising profits.

I also noticed a lot of spam via hijacked email addresses and domain names. Internet sites and e-mails that are genuine but they are hosting more questionable nonsense. Individuals blow.

But hold off, absolutely more

After checking these pages over carefully, I noticed I experienced two additional tabs now available at the same time. Anyone to ComeWithDaddy and the various other for MeetBang.

The ComeWithDaddy case simply shows another membership web page to register with. At this stage i simply shut it and managed to move on — surely additionally, it is cancer and offers the same barriers.

The MeetBang page, however, was actually more fascinating.

To begin with, you are welcomed with the full display screen «live» aired from a webcam product as she undresses and develops about sleep. Over the top of this movie is limited window claiming she’d choose exchange unclothed pictures and asks if you wish to accept.

Whether you click certainly or No, you’re next taken through a number of questions. Exactly the same trash questions from earlier here, only shown in limited screen now rather.

Yet again, regardless of what you answer these concerns, you reach similar outcome. Now, that result is finding yourself about sign-up page for the genuine MeetBang. Only kidding, you are taken fully to still another artificial dating internet site. ‘Xmeets’ this time around.

Same appearance, same garbage strategies. This delivers us to my personal final conclusion. . .

There isn’t any MeetBang

That is right, the absolute cherry on top this is actually the simple fact that MeetBang is absolutely nothing over a sketchy gateway. There isn’t any
dating site. It’s not possible to produce a profile onto it, nor what are the women to see and you are absolutely not getting a night out together as a result.

The only real function of this website is to fool you into buying three additional artificial sites and junk e-mail emails. That’s all.

MeetBang Assessment: FAQ

To put situations right up, i will cover by far the most frequently asked questions about MeetBang.com. Naturally the clear answer per is going to be short since. . . it isn’t a real dating internet site!

What’s MeetBang?

MeetBang is actually a sketchy gateway website posing as a dating web site. The better we appeared the more it had been obvious this is a straight-up dubious.

Should you blindly enter your own charge card details to sign up you will be having to pay $119.85 each month. For three different internet sites, not MeetBang. Odds are there won’t be any way so that you can terminate those subscriptions possibly!

Whom in fact owns Satisfy Bang?

Satisfy Bang is actually owned by MeetBang, Inc.

How can I get in touch with MeetBang.com?

It is possible to get in touch with them at hello@meetbang.com.

Is MeetBang actual?

No, not really. MeetBang is far more of a gateway site that leads to a different website known as Instant Hookups.

Is actually Satisfy Bang legit?

Definitely not. Meet Bang is nothing more than a facade wanting to trick you into enrolling in various other sketchy matchmaking sites.

Is MeetBang.com a scam or artificial?

All chat of a MeetBang con are worth looking at. This incredible website is really shady for so many factors.

Is actually MeetBang secure?

No, MeetBang is not a safe website to use. Stay away.

Exactly what are Meet Bang alternatives?

If you’re searching for a legitimate matchmaking application or web site that’s much better than satisfy Bang, we covered a bunch of these not too long ago. Check-out our
hookup programs review
to find out more.

How can MeetBang.com work?

In a nutshell, it generally does not. MeetBang.com urges you to definitely create an account. But once you carry out, you’re going to be redirected to InstantHookups, another sketchy dating internet site.

Could there be a MeetBang software?

No, MeetBang doesn’t always have an app, though they familiar with.

Exactly how much does Meet Bang expense?

Since this actually a real dating site, there isn’t any expense associated. If you try to sign up for a paid subscription for this though, you will end up tricked into applying for three others. In addition terrible

When you do this, the month-to-month expense are $119.85 monthly. Probably before you cancel your credit card.

How could you use MeetBang.com 100% free?

It’s not possible to use MeetBang.com anyway.

Can you send communications free-of-charge on MeetBang?

No, it’s not possible to deliver any messages utilizing MeetBang because it’s not an actual web site.

How will you terminate your Meet Bang account?

There’s no account for MeetBang. Should you decide join a membership through MeetBang it really is for other sketchy matchmaking internet sites.

While we will not be giving over credit card info to this company to test it first-hand, I think if you join you will not have the ability to cancel.

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